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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Job Opening for Change Management Professionals

We have an Opening with our client "IBM",for the following Position,

Company Profile :

International Business Machines Corporation, ( IBM) is a multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States.
IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.
With over 388,000 employees worldwide, IBM is the largest and most profitable information technology employer in the world.

Job Description:
Change Manager :-

Total exp should be of minimum 5 years
Exposure to one or more of the infrastructure technologies such as Unix,
DBA and Windows Servers
Exposure to ITIL processes. ITIL foundation certification is not
mandatory, but will be an added advantage
Very Good Communication and Customer facing Skill is Required.

Total Year of Exp : 5+ yrs
Relevant Exp : 2+ yrs
Job Location : Bangalore,Chennai

If you are Interested with this above Opening please send your updated CV along with the below details,

Notice Period :
Date of Birth :
Total Exp :
Relevant Exp :
Current Location:

Research Executive

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Sr.Manager-Operations(General Accounting)! Opening with an International BPO

One of our Prestigious Clients who looks for Sr.Manager-Operations(General Accounting)

Our client in India is a unique player in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. And software development
with wide presence across the country, where the operations include 17 manufacturing plants and an extensive network of Sales and Service offices. And also part of a vast global network of 475,000 people, operating in over 190 countries.

Position open:Sr.Manager-Operations(General Accounting)

7 to 12 years of experience.

Good experience in General Accounting,F&A,Indian Accounts
*Team Management Experience of 30-40 People
Should have got a career growth from Manufacturing Company to an International BPO
Qualification-B Com/M Com


I believe that this would give clarity and precise understanding of the requirement. Kindly let me know if you need any clarifications .You can mail me with your number to reach you

please do touch base with us!(

Since we have multiple openings I would appreciate if you can refer your friends / colleagues who are looking for a change.


Nisha Chandan
Team Lead
S.P.E.E.D Consulting Pvt Ltd

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to excel at your job and be home for dinner

When I was a new manager at Goldman Sachs, an executive coach told me: "If you can't get your job done in 10 hours a day, there's something wrong with you—or there's something wrong with your job." I laughed. In my 16 years in finance, I found it hard not admire the 24/7 ethic and even harder to imagine that top results could be produced without it.

But this coach was an advisor to highly respected CEOs. And he forced me to open my eyes and see what really effective executives do to cut time—and stress—for both themselves and the teams they lead.

Intrigued, I dug into the research. I learned how performance and judgement erode when we work too many hours and that motivating people to spend ever-more hours at work is bad for the bottom line. I also talked to hundreds of men and women working in a wide range of executive roles—C-suite jobs, partners at big investment, law, and accounting firms, and middle managers in various industries—to learn how they manage the stress in their lives.

Today's downturn means everyone who still has a job has more work to do. Things have been so uncertain that we all have to work harder because we don't know what will pay off. While "balance" may be a term that makes executives nervous in bad times, it's merely good management to ensure that each hour gets invested in the right things and that we cut all the waste we can. Here are five tips I've found that let executives produce world-class results and still get home for family dinner—most nights.

Measure what matters

With your boss and your subordinates, become very precise about how performance should be evaluated. What are the top five measurable items that drive better results? Many firms spit out lots of reporting, using metrics that don't tell you much because they reflect the priorities of past management, or never were effective at capturing what drives sustained profits.

Researchers at Harvard Business School have found that dramatic gains are made when managers make it clear what specific, measurable work will be rewarded. One case study shows how an underperforming Wall Street research department (ranked No. 15 in the industry) became #1 in three years. A new manager came in and told his team that only numbers—not schmoozing or boasting—would get them paid. For the companies that each analyst covered, how many times per month did the analyst call the CEO, key customers, and suppliers? How often did the analyst see money managers and sales people? How accurate were earnings estimates? But when this metrics-driven manager left, his disciplined approach fell out of use and the research team's ranking plummeted again, to No. 13.

Most firms lack the IT budgets and managerial will to step aside and prioritize what they want employees to do with their time. For instance, sales: What kind of clients are the best long term? Quality: How do you measure it concretely? Profits: What time frame do you look at to make sure you've captured the real costs behind your revenues? (Think mortgage lenders booking ever-more-questionable loans.)

On my own teams, I've found that the effort to develop good metrics is worth it—even if you have to cobble numbers together on a spreadsheet. Your employees can be more efficient because they know what you want them to do. They have more confidence that the system is fair—and this reduction in subjectivity relieves a lot of stress. When the boss wants to know who is or isn't pulling their weight, where the problems and opportunities are, it's all in the numbers.

Cut interruptions and fire drills

Time management experts say it takes us 25% longer to get something done if we get interrupted in the middle. The biggest drains are mismanaged meetings and crises that suck up huge portions of executive time.

A former colleague used to say: "Most of our meetings are spent admiring problems. 'Yeah, that's a big problem.' Or 'that problem's a tough one.' But we're reluctant to actually attack the problem and get rid of it."

Smart executives we talked to were very mindful about making meetings efficient: Some limited meeting times to 20-minute slots; others required short, concrete agendas and clear commitments that you could not come back to the next meeting without X being done.

Researcher Leslie Perlow has run experiments in a variety of demanding environments to see how we can rethink our use of time. Perlow helped one firm design "study halls"—blocking a few hours per week when interruptions were banned—and this allowed a behind-schedule team to make its deadlines. In another study a software team was able to produce the same high-quality product in 40% less time. How? A very different work process encouraged the asking of questions, trust, and collaboration. (It also erased the notion that working longer hours achieved more.)

Perlow's research says we are often seduced by charismatic colleagues who work lots of hours, make numerous errors (and bad judgments) and suck the rest of the team into cleaning up their messes. Emergencies create masses of wasteful work: an irate client, a technology meltdown, or an unexpected product failure. Reward people on your team with a low fire drill rate and make them report their errors and say how they will fix them in writing—even if they are "stars" who think they can't be bothered.

Use your spouse to triage

A lot of working couples told us the opposite of what you often hear, saying instead that having a working spouse cuts stress by providing an expert efficiency advisor at home. One couple, both partners at a top accounting firm, scrutinized each other's schedules every week. Both husband and wife had run parts of the firm. When one spouse said, "I think that meeting's a waste of time; just say 'no,'" the other spouse was willing to listen.

My husband is a real estate developer, and he taught me that if you are really profit-minded, asking yourself questions can free you from some wasteful business norms: "What is the return on this conference call—can I skip it?" "Yes, everyone else does lots of business dinners, but can I get the same result in less time over coffee at Starbucks?" "Do I really need to chime in on that e-mail I was copied on, or will the five other people in the e-mail chain figure it out themselves?"

Try WebEx instead of travel

A McKinsey partner who runs a big business has a working wife and small kids. He told me how he's invested in the best teleconferencing equipment so he can travel a lot less, even though he runs a global group focused on a fast-changing industry.

Though I live in the Bay Area, I ran a team in New York for two years and led a biweekly meeting that started at 7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. I got my bicoastal travel down to a week per month and got used to getting up at 3:45 AM Pacific Standard Time so I could ingest enough caffeine to follow the agenda for my own meetings. It wasn't ideal, but being organized and using technology saved me and my firm a lot of travel time and expense.

The CEO of a software firm related his theory about why executives should travel less: "Travel distorts how we think about which sales prospects deserve priority. If it's really tough to get somewhere—a lot of plane changes—you feel an even bigger obligation to get something out if it. Your desire to justify your travel time can make you less objective. So you overinvest your time on the far-away client and under-invest in the client in your building who really wants to buy what you are selling."

Trade Venus and Mars for common ground

New workplace research from think tank Catalyst shows how much businesses lose because people worry too much about being manly or womanly. Now that leaner workplaces have less support staff, male executives find themselves needing to do corporate housekeeping, such as serving coffee, booking lunch, and filling administrative functions. And this recession has put more women in the traditionally male role of primary earner.

But fear of being labeled a "wimp" or a "bad mom" causes undue stress for many. Studies say that men suffer from mental and physical health problems when they feel that doing lower-status work typically handled by women puts their manhood in question. And when a female executive leaves a sick child at home, she'll undergo a lot more stress if she believes in "maternal instinct" and fears that her husband can't cover for her. It's a huge labor market inefficiency—worse than any union rules about who can do what—to believe that men can't do certain jobs and women can't do others.

Men and women who see all work as gender-neutral have an easier time adapting to new job and family realities, and so do their employers. Ending the worry about "tough" vs."soft" work helps the bottom line, too. A recent study found that accident rates dropped 84% when a leading oil company retrained its oil rig workers to drop the view that planning for safety isn't macho.

There are many ways to cut executive stress. First we have to imagine it's possible. We need to stop believing that only 24/7 work hours produce success and look to the evidence that there are other ways of producing world-class results. For example, one study of top executives at Fortune 500 companies found that 1/3 of these high performers worked five hours per week less than the others and took more of their vacations—with no apparent cost to performance. If we're willing to rethink our assumptions about what's good practice at work and at home, it's easier to see solutions.

Source:  29 Jul 2009, 1622 hrs IST, BusinessWeek


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Opening with Leading Bank's Captive Unit

We have opening with Leading Bank's Captive Unit which might interest you
About the Company
The organization has its presence in 84 countries with total employee strength of 16500. It is the largest, captive, banking and financial services off shoring organization in the world & plays a key role in delivering shareholder value and seamlessly integrates and helps the Group remain competitive in the ever changing world of banking and finance
Job Title : Manager, Central GR Finance
Department : Central GR Finance
Location : Hyderabad

Purpose of the Department

Central GR Finance is responsible for all GR-wide reporting of financial information in line with statutory and Group guidelines, providing decision support to senior level stakeholders including GR management, support function heads and Group. It is also responsible for all activities which cut across Finance function in five countries, including preparing of commercial terms, annual plan, managing core financial systems and leading process standardization/improvement and systems implementation initiatives.

Job Profile

The job profile will include:
 Working with GR technology partner in managing / enhancing PeopleSoft Finance solution
 Providing assistance to entity Finance function in implementing enhancements to finance processes/reports, including those in PeopleSoft Finance
 Assisting with ad hoc queries around PeopleSoft Finance
 Maintaining PeopleSoft Finance master data common across all entities
 Preparing and publishing monthly / ad hoc reports to senior level stakeholders; provide clarifications requested
 Assisting in Central GR activities like planning, preparing commercial terms etc
 Representing Finance function / coordinating with other functions in implementing cross-function initiatives
 Maintaining GR Finance Policy & Procedure Manual

Skills & Experience required

 Atleast three years experience in implementing / managing PeopleSoft Finance modules (General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Fixed Assets) preferably in BFSI industry
 Excellent skills in using PeopleSoft nVision reporting tool, especially developing core financial reports like P&L, Balance Sheet, schedules etc
 Ability to manage change
 Proficient in MS Office, especially in Excel
 Good communication skills
 Ability to work with managers at all levels
Candiadate Should have valid passport and ther should be UK or US Timings for this Opening

If interested please send your updated resume along with the following details as soon as possible:
Current CTC
Expected CTC
Notice Period

Best Regards,
Nidhi Verma
Consultant, Recruitments
Empyrean HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Openings for Problem & Change Manager - Bangalore | Chennai

We have urgent requirement for PROBLEM and CHANGE MANAGER Professionals at one of the Top MNC for its permanent payroll. They are looking for candidates with the following skills and with good communication.

If your CV suits this requirement, kindly revert back to us with your updated CV with the inputs asked below so that we can discuss further and process ASAP for the same.

Details of the Requirement:

Job Location: Bangalore, Chennai

Problem Manager :-

Total exp should be of minimum 5 years
Exposure to one or more of the infrastructure technologies such as Unix,
DBA and Windows Servers
Exposure to ITIL processes. ITIL foundation certification is not mandatory, but will be an added advantage.

Change Manager :-

Total exp should be of minimum 5 years
Exposure to one or more of the infrastructure technologies such as Unix,
DBA and Windows Servers
Exposure to ITIL processes. ITIL foundation certification is not mandatory, but will be an added advantage.

Required Details:

1. Full Name :
2. DOB:
3. Total IT yrs:
4. Relevant yrs:
5. Current Location:
6. Preferred Location:
7. Current CTC:
8. Expected CTC:
9. Willingness to Relocate:
10. Notice Period:
11. Residential Address with Pin code:

Thanks & regard

Shobhit Mishra

SourceOne Management Services Pvt Ltd.,
#55/A,2nd Floor,Nanjappa Road,





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MGAHV Faculty Positions Maharashtra – Mahatma Gandi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya Professor / Reader / Lecturer Govt Jobs 2009

Mahatma Gandi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya (MGAHV)
(A Central University)
Manas-Mandir, Panchteela,
Wardha-442001 (Maharashtra)

Advertisement No : MGAHV/07/2009

Job Description :
Applications are invited in the prescribed format for filling up the following posts :

Professor : 06 posts

Reader : 03 posts

Lecturer : 12 posts

Regional Director (Reader) : 01 post

Assistant Registrar : 01 post

Apply : Application completed in all respect and in a sealed envelope indicating the name of the post applied for should be send within upto 17/08/2009

Website :



SERC Chennai Research Scientist Positions – Chennai Scientist Positions 2009

Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC)
(Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – CSIR)
CSIR Campus, TTTI Taramani P.O.,
Chennai 600113

Advertisement No. : SE-4/2009

Job Description :
Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC) , Chennai, is a premier National Laboratory under the CSIR. The Centre invites applications from highly qualified and motivated candidates for taking up R&D activities and also for providing engineering services to solve the problems of the industry and the society besides participating in the development of laboratory facilities.

Scientist Gr IV (2) : 09 posts
(OBC-3, UR-6)

Pay : PB-3 Rs.15600-39100 Grade Pay Rs.6600

Age Limit: 35 years (5 year relaxation to SC/ST and 3 years to OBC candidates)

Application Fee : Crossed Demand Draft for Rs.100/- drawn in favour of I.R.F, SERC payable at Chennai towards application fee. No fee for SC/ST candidates.

Apply : Applications should be supported by attested copies of the certificates/testimonials relating to educational qualifications (including mark statements), date of birth, and experience and community certificate in respect of SC/ST/OBC candidates issued by the appropriate authority.

Last Date To Apply : 17/08/2009.

For Details Visit :




Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) Kerala jobs – Technical Assistant / Scientific Assistant job vacancies 2009

Government of India
Department of Space
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)
Thiruvananthapuram-695022, Kerala

Advertisement No. VSSC-248

Job Description :
VSSC invites application for the following posts :

Technical Assistant : 19 posts
(Mechanical-15, Refrigeration & AC-1, Computer Sc. & Engg.-1, Videography / Cinematography-2) ,
Pay : Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200/-

Education : First Class Diploma Engineering in desired trade.
Scientific Assistant : 02 posts

Pay : Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200

Education : First Class B.Sc. in Physics/ Chemistry
Primary Teacher : 03 posts
(Hindi-2, English-1)

Pay : Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200

Apply : Interested candidates may fill up the on line registration form after going through the general information, guidelines and conditions. Applications will be received on-line only.

Registration of Applications is opened from 27/07/2009 to 07/08/2009.

For Details Visit :




Sunday, July 26, 2009


SSB Recruitment 2009 – Sashastra Seema Bal Inspector / SI / ASI / Head Constable vacancies

Government of India
Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)

(Ministry of Home Affairs)

Job Description :
Applications are invited from male Indian citizens fulfilling the eligibility criteria for filling the vacancies in Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB). The posts have all India liability and selected candidates can be posted anywhere in India and even abroad.

Inspector (Telecom) : 01 post
Pay :
PB-2 Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4600

Sub-Inspector (Telecom) : 12 posts
Pay :
PB-2 Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200

Sub-Inspector (Pioneer) : 08 posts
Pay :
PB-2 Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200

ASI (Telecom) : 13 posts
Pay :
PB-1 Rs.5200-20200/- Grade Pay Rs.2800

Head-Constable (Electrician) : 01 post
Pay :
PB-1 Rs.5200-20200/- Grade Pay Rs.2400

Head-Constable (Workshop) : 33 posts
Pay :
PB-1 Rs.5200-20200/- Grade Pay Rs.2400

Head-Constable (Telecomm) : 346 posts
Pay :
PB-1 Rs.5200-20200/- Grade Pay Rs.2400

ASI (Pharmacist) : 18 posts
Pay :
PB-1 Rs.5200-20200/- Grade Pay Rs.2800

ASI (Lab. Technician) : 27 posts
Pay :
PB-1 Rs.5200-20200/- Grade Pay Rs.2800

ASI (Steno) : 09 posts
: PB-1 Rs.5200-20200/- Grade Pay Rs.2800

Age Limit : (As on 31/07/2007)

Relaxation as per Govt. orders

Inspector : 22-26 years

SI (Commn.)/ ASI (Commn.)/ ASI (Steno) : 18 to 25 years

SI (Pioneer) : 20 to 25 years

Head-Constable (Workshop) : 18 to 24 years

Head-Constable (Telecom) : 18 to 23 years

Head Constable (Electrician): 18 to 25 years

ASI (Pharmacist) : 20 to 30 years

ASI (Lab. Tech.) : 20 to 28 years

Application Fee : Rs.50/- for candidates belonging to General and OBC categories in favour of Commandant, 25th (SSB) Bn. Ghitorni, New Delhi (Payable at New Delhi). No fee will be charged from SC/ST/Ex-Servicemen.

Apply : Eligible and desirous candidates should send their applications by Ordinary Post in the prescribed proforma with attested passport size photographs duly affixed on the application form and admit card duly completed in all respect, on or before 31/08/2009 to the Commandant, 25th (Sashastra Seema Bal), Battalion, Ghitorni, P.O. Arjungarh, New Delhi-110047. The envelope containing the application should be super -scribing in block letters as "APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF ……………… ……………POST CODE NO"…………… . Two postage stamps worth Rs.6/- each should also be attached with the application form.

Last Date To Apply : 31st August 2009.

For Candidates for Far Flung Areas : 07th Sptember 2009.

For Details Visit :

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