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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Opening in ThoughtWorks Inc. for .NET Developers

Hi Guys / Gals,

There are few .NET Openings in ThougtWorks. So, if your are interested pls forward your resumes.

For all those who are not aware of ThoughtWorks, can go through the following.

ThoughtWorks, Inc. ([]) is a global IT consultancy providing systems development, consulting, and transformation services to Global 1000 companies. The company's pioneering approach, which includes industry-acclaimed Agile and Lean best practices, helps CIOs maximise investment performance across a portfolio of complex, business critical applications, while reducing time and risk. ThoughtWorks' 800 professionals serve clients from offices in Australia, Canada, China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. ThoughtWorks Studios is the company's specialist product division, which develops the next generation of tools for custom software development.

A passion for technology.

Imagine a work environment that values technological innovation, integrity and enthusiasm. Where you get a chance to do great work, alongside some of the brightest people you have ever met, without the typical frustrations of big company politics. A place where your talents in open source, for example, are celebrated.

Interview Process Details:

Other Important Links

http://studios. thoughtworks. com

http://opensource. thoughtworks. com

http://blogs. thoughtworks. com/


Naresh Kapse
eMail: kapseraj@yahoo. com
Mobile: +91-9980141988

Join ThoughtWorks India

At ThoughtWorks, we are looking for like-minded individuals who value hard work, creativity and have a passion for innovation and excellence. Our culture places great emphasis on teamwork, professional and personal development, and quality of life.

We're hiring for in India

To ensure that we find people who'll love the ThoughtWorks experience as much as we do, we've developed a hiring practice that's unique in the IT industry.

Apply: Introduce yourself to us by sending a CV, highlighting all your experience and a cover letter telling us why we should hire you. There are several ways to apply including our online application, via one of the many internet sites or mailing-lists we advertise on, or if you have a friend who works here, through them. Please make sure you mention what roles are most interesting to you and the country that you are applying to so we understand what you are looking for. If you're from a recruitment consultancy, see our recruiters page.

When we receive your CV it's added to our internal system. From here it gets reviewed by one of our recruitment team. This is the first hurdle! If we like what we see on your CV and in your cover letter we'd like to talk to you.

Phone Screen: The first conversation will determine if ThoughtWorks is a good match for you and vice versa. This phone interview is where we need to mutually agree that your attitude, experience, motivations, salary expectations and willingness to travel are a good fit.

Code review: For candidates with development skills we'll get you to write us some code. Being buzzword fluent doesn't make someone an intuitive developer. We believe that real software development skills can't be communicated on a resume or in an interview. So, we have a coding problem for you to solve at home and e-mail back to us for review. Your code will be reviewed by a ThoughtWorks developer and rated against a matrix to make sure all code submissions are marked to the same criteria. If we think your code submission is good we'll invite you into the office, unless you're in a country that we don't have an office in, when we'll do a technical interview.

In the office: This is where the real fun starts. When you're invited into a ThoughtWorks office for a face to face interview, you'll generally meet the recruiter you've spoken to previously, who will be your point of contact. You'll also meet a number of ThoughtWorkers who'll take you through some technical and cultural interviews. The entire process is devised to give us a peek into your key strengths and help us be sure that you really fit into our scheme of things. It is also a very good opportunity for you to closely interact with our people and figure out if this is the place you would be excited to come to every morning.

During this first visit to the office we'll also get you complete some tests. Don't Panic! Everyone who joins us takes these and we use the tests as another data point in the whole process. We find that they give us insights that we otherwise wouldn't get.

Although wearing a suit is appropriate in some situations, casual attire is normal in our offices and acceptable for interviews. That said, please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

For you to get a full picture, you may meet between 4 and 12 ThoughtWorkers before you finish the interview process. Sometimes this takes multiple visits, but we do our best to work to your schedule. It's important for us to make sure that we understand your skills and potential and that you gain a thorough understanding of the culture of ThoughtWorks through these meetings.


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